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Who are we?

Since the Middle ages Man has tried to understand time and contain it in a mechanical time piece.
Artisans in England, France and the Netherlands have all played an important role in the development of the clock. In the case of the Netherlands one thinks of Christiaan Huygens who introduced the pendulum clock showing that he was well before his time.
Bram van Lookeren Campagne has had experience in all three of the above named countries in the restoration of clocks and fine mechanical instruments.

After his training in fine mechanical instruments in Leiden, Bram followed a specialist course in the restoration of antique clocks in England, at West Dean College in Sussex.

After working in London, he gained further experience in French timepieces while working a number of years in specialist workshops in Paris.
In 1993 Bram van Lookeren Campagne established a business in Zutphen where he restores antique clocks, mechanical instruments and barometers. He specializes in the restoration of French and English clocks and hand-making missing parts including wheels, pinions and striking mechanisms.

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