Restoration and Maintenance


When a clock is not running well the reason can be varied. It can simply be that the mechanism needs adjustment, but often dust, rust and dried oil play a role. The mixture of dust and oil works likes sandpaper in the threaded holes leading to damage. Like all machines, clocks need to be serviced regularly. Even in perfect conditions, lubricants deteriorate, especially after five years. For this reason clocks should be examined and re-lubricated at least every five years. Every eight years the whole movement should be dismantled and cleaned by a professional restorer.


Often clocks movements are adapted or changed over time or parts of the me chanism are removed. It is not always necessary to return the clock to its original sta te. On the contrary, adaptations are often seen as part of the clock’s history. When re-making missing pieces it is very important to take account of the material, technique and style of the movement. When making new wheels, special cutters are made in order to cr eate the original teeth form.


A clock movement needs regular maintenance. This can often be undertaken at home, but must always be dine by a professional restorer. Professional main tenance can reduce the need for restoration and lengthen the time before cleaning is neces sary.

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